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  1. I feel with this guy. I sold my daughters to a sheikh once, just to get his horse – well, so far so good… only that I don’t have any daughters… still wonder who those girls’ parents were…

  2. I reported a man named Albert Kahol for abusing his children and providing an unsafe environment due to his prostitution, then I took the “children” in while he was being investigated. I made sure I planted evidence to support my claims, and then I adopted his children after he was found guilty.
    I sued him for child support, and built a better stable – I mean bedroom – for the children.

  3. “posted 8 seconds ago”

    Obviously the person who submitted that screen shot here is the same person wo posted the ad.

  4. POOR FRED, Selling himself to feed his Horses……
    FRED take the JOB in Mexico.. But used your Horse in your show and forget the Donkeys……

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