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    1. Dear Dave, please use a laser pointer for a head shot.
      Lots of love, blood and brains,

    1. You’re supposed to do it on someone else’s foot. Lorenzo is running out of friends to shoot.

    1. That won’t last if he’s transported to Kelta’s hospital. She’s a fierce guardian of Darwinism.

    2. … … So prettyyyyyy … *dribbling* … Okay, now I’m ready to pay whatever you want for your future sex tape with Fred.

    3. *Blush* Thank you… I had to change it last night because Fred kept getting a boner…

    4. What? Are you insituating it was sexier or kinkier? Damn, I hate jet lag. Oh, and yeah, no way anyone would get a boner with this one… No fucking way… erm…

    5. I’ve been busy making copies of this pic onto tissues so I have something good to masturbate to and then to wipe my thick, rich gooeyness on. I’ve gotta buy more blank tissues.

  1. Too bad he didnt have the gun turned around…then we wouldnt even have to hear about his foot.

    1. No, you’re just retarded. They are seperate pictures copied and pasted so you can see the first one first.

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