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    1. Yeah, but imagine this scenario: You’re stranded in your backyard; the only thing between you and certain death is two cases of Beck’s, and all you have to open them with is a chainsaw.

    2. I got stranded in my backyard once, but that was because I WAS drinking two cases of beck with a chainsaw. Longest twenty feet ever.

  1. I would like to call this out for Mythbusters to test. What is odd is that the bottle never moves at all. It almost looks like it was pre-setup for the cap to come off easily.
    Now, what is more disturbing is if he actually drank it after spraying the bottle and top with bar oil. Yummy

  2. Well screw you all, I was impressed. At first I thought he was going to slice through the bottle and make a mess and worst of all, spill beer. And then I heard a little pop. I gave the old woman that lives downstairs a towel to wipe her chin and turned back to the vid just in time to see that dude open a beer bottle with a chainsaw, freaking awosome.

    1. They say experienced women are the best, but there is a gap between experienced and expired. The point at which they need help to wipe the fluids on their face is my limit.

    2. I like being “gummed”, what can I say? Plus the cataract is much better, she can semi-see now.

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