Epic Multi-Fail


People Fail

Submitted by Jgel M.

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    1. No he is on a show. He is a dragqueen. Fuck you kelta. Look at your profile pic. You look fucking ugly. Old ass cat woman.

    2. Well, if I’m old then that makes Fred fucking ancient! I’m so glad that I find old man balls so tasty…

    3. Thats great for you. Any bitch can suck dick. But guess its a challenge for you since you suck your own dick.

    4. Not really, I own several. Different shapes and sizes! Some vibrate, some rotate, I have a blue one, a yellow one… I suck on them sometimes, just to keep my jaw limber. It’s like yoga for your mouth. I suggest you do the same because you better suck a mean dick if you plan to keep a guy satisfied and keep your hymen.

  1. Jiggly Caliente Brooks and another artistic display of her disassociation with things that are good. A tragic plot of self-discovery and self-annihilation sets a prominent theme of courage mangled with despair. Jiggly hopes to one day set an example for the masses, as if to tragically prove that nothing really matters… except fried twinkies.

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