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    1. Way too much padding on her…her box would have survived….Probably shit in her panties but!!

    2. Down in the “holler”! I’ll play some romantic banjo music.
      “She shore does have a purty mouth, don’t she?”

  1. I heard her laugh, and I immediately loathed her and wished her a violent death. And my wish was granted. Thank you EF.

    1. I bet nobody could pry her off of that rope if she pretended it was a penis… on that note, she is pretty hot and Id bruise her up worse than that fall did.

  2. Wow how could you not be able to hold on. She must have thought everything was gonna be okay haha well she was wrong. Who knows where she went. o.O

  3. i was there when this happened..i was doing my 1legged flamingo stance on a ledge when i hereared this tellible scream, so quickly i wan to the place where it happened and i saw something which will haunt me forwever..a young tribe girl dtanding there with orange top and blue bottoms and a camawa..i did what we all eould do..i one inched punched her square in the mouth …as for falling girl off swing i couldnt care..i dont do amairwycano…so eent back to ledge..meditate

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