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    1. It’ll be a while Lymbe. RoccoL is currently taking it from behind by a big black dude named Tyrone.

    2. Wow…B&B.
      Typing your scathing retorts from the middle school library computers again?
      Your rapier wit must be a hit at your Nambla meetings.

  1. Is the fail because she put that statement on her body or is it that she spelled “juicy” wrong? …Or both? LOL

  2. MARA, STOP LYING!!!!! Your PUSSY SMELL LIKE A WEEK OLD DEAD FISH!!!!!!! But you give one of the best Blow-Jobs……

    1. She would have used the “be” form of “be” anyway:
      This pussy be clean
      This pussy be juicey
      ” “

  3. There are a few things that some people lack… Class and spelling skills are two of those things… This tattoo screams “Hey look at me not only am I a skank, I’m retarded for having a misspelled tattoo on my stomach”… Retards.

  4. This is like some fast food restaurants’ advertising “fresh food” when you know that burger has been sitting on that dirty ass grill waiting for your deprived penis.

  5. What does it matter if it’s spelled incorrectly?
    I shall sleep peacefully at night knowing the above cum dumpster will soon be dead from gunfire, stabbing, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, her pimp, or any multitude of black on black viscous crime that grace our news outlets.
    Oh the joys of NOT being a sub-human as these “people” so demonstrate.

  6. I wouldn’t nosedive to fish out a $1000 bill out of that stanky ass snatch. Even if I had a breathing apparatus

  7. She’ll have to life her belly up to show that tat one day. Hopefully she’ll live her entire life and find herself in a situation where she has to explain that to her grandkids

  8. Belly tattoos are the worst place to get them. You gain weight and they stretch. If you are a woman and get pregnant, they stretch worse. Not to mention SPELL CHECK before they start… Misspelled tattoos are just stupid..

  9. Couldn’t she have just screen-printed that onto a T-Shirt?
    Maybe then the tattoo could’ve read “this pussy STILL clean, this pussy STILL juicey.”

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