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    1. You know like “I couldnt give a fuck”
      He is giving 0 fucks… rather than 1 fuck lmao!

    2. it’s actually “amount of fucks”, not that anybody gives a fuck.
      I personally couldn’t give half a fuck.

    3. The number of fucks is the power you have to not care. To obtain fucks you must anally rape a cat. At the point of ejaculation you must get the feline to scratch the hell out of your scrotum. Lastly you need to make sure the cat doesn’t go telling so BBQ it.

    4. Well, you seem interesting Johnny, I like you. Which sauce do you recommend to accompany the grilled cat?

    5. It’s an overused internet phrase. It’s a meme. Just google image search “fucks I give”. This has been done on facebook multiple times. Originality fail.

    6. Look, you can’t change a statement like “I don’t know” to “My number of knows is 0”. Also, commenting FIVE times on a status is an excellent way of saying “I don’t give a fuck”. Basically my point is that the status update was lame alright, but the other guy is an even bigger douchebag.

    1. Mmmm..if you don’t appreciate sarcasm then you should probably steer clear of the internets in general.

    2. @HEH If you find this worthy of appreciation, you have some pretty high standards of sarcasm.

    1. There used to be a thing called “Mass Poke”, where you could poke a bunch of people at the same time, don’t know why they got rid of that feature.

    2. I guess all those bank bailouts made them feel that “mass poke” had been worn out and broken off.

  1. It’s also the amount of fucks I give about math. (math is actually awesome, without math we would be nowhere, but I just hate doing math)

  2. This explains perfectly how I feel about facebook, twitter, and most social media. I don’t give a rats ass about meaningless crap. Here’s a list of some useful things: someone in your family is hurt and would like people to visit them, someone in your family has passed away and you’d like people to pay respects, someone in your family just has a bowel movement (not really, but I figured by now you’d stopped reading anyway).

  3. he does give a fuck, by recognizing the thing he is saying he does not give a fuck about, he is giving a fuck by taking the fuck he is not giving into account, meaning he does give a fuck.

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