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    1. yeah. I know the next time i see a slipper with little tags hanging off the back I am going to give them a flat tire.

  1. yeah great idea!!!! tell someone like me steps on the strap hanging out the back of you sandle and steals all your shit

  2. Nah, lame. When will they make the version of it with retractable spikes? So much pigeons/kids/4x4wheels to kick, so little time…

    1. I have two pair of knee high leather lace up boots that I replaced the stiletto heels with steel spikes. They are destructive, and by far my favorite so far. 😉

    2. Yeah, when walking on paved roads, it’s better to break the cobblestones than your ankle, that’s for sure. Could I borrow them to play twister with the guy of the Halloween Outfit Win?

  3. Finally, a pair of flip-flops that perform the same function pants pockets have been doing since the 1800’s. And only 100 dollars? I MUST BE DREAMING

    1. get them while they last! make sure you get the pair with the flask in them too!

    1. Bahaha, if you modify some MC Hammer pants you may get away with it. Can’t touch this, do do do do, da da, do do, can’t touch this.

  4. First off it’s a flip flop, only a very slight step up from a croc, secondly do you really want to walk around on your keys?

  5. this isn’t the smartest idea, cause what if someone stepped on the thingy at the end that you used to pull it out? then they would grab it and run before you even noticed. and that would suck.

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