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    1. Yeah, I think he’s trying to use that reverse psychology crap on the cops. Eh, they might fall for it.

    2. I’m going to Vietnam in two weeks, I’ll bring you back a present. How old do you want it? THough it may be in a “Do It Yourself” kit.

    3. Here in Hanoi at the moment and the barter system works extremely well, never pay full price, even for your hookers and (for 2lolo)young kids!! Actually a good feed for the parents and a couple of bucks and your in.

    4. Oh so you’re in Vietnam Ian? I’ll look for the weird australian dude following his wife to hostess bars when I get there.

  1. Thats not a fail, Thats a win/warning if your kid is dumb enough to go up to a van with that on it, they probably shouldn’t grow up, cause their only going to hurt the world because their stupid

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