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  1. “Welcome athletes! As you can see we decided not to put names on the shirts but rather nicknames decided by your fellow runners. Godspeed!”

    1. I can. Usually Nigers that are, especially in the US, still pre-occupied with race and skin color. Them damned racists! And they are blind for it themselves, thus keeping slavery alive. Dunno if that is a win or a fail, though…

  2. what a bunch of ignorant assholes you all are, Niger is a country located in central Africa, she was representing her country, its coincidence that it looks racist. Ignorance must be bliss….

  3. Wow this fail…is a fail! Does nobody know anything about other countries…I vaguely remember taking Geography in school..

  4. Lots of people, like the three right above me, failed to look at the text underneath the picture. It’s the text that’s the fail, not the picture.

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