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    1. Great! I’ll be right there. Got a face like a fish I reckon. Throw it back, its got to be illegal.

    1. This goofy bitch is a guy called Pete Best who was in a pretty successful 80s band. Check out google and see how he looked twenty years ago. Without doubt, this twat is the biggest fucked up dude on the planet. He started with surgery and carried on fucking up bad work with more bad work, spent his money on plastic surgery and now looks I’ve sideshow bob on a bad day. Cunt

    1. Ok, good. Hydrogen peroxide works for everything. Like when I’m looking at pictures of my mom and I get a boner, I just pour some peroxide on it. Then I whack off and it goes away.

  1. It’s Pete Burns.. Yo know that song
    Its a man

  2. yes it is a man and was a singer in 80,s but he got couple injections and he had a auto immune reaction and his face got infected and took like 50 operations over 10 years to fix his nerves and skin in his face i listened to him talk on a show on tv he is really nice and smart guy he is gay but is another issue alot of people are gay becouse were born with klinefelter syndrome is where peope have extra chromosome x or y so they will have 3 sex chromosomes i dont understand why you are calling him a freek he had very bad child hood and still tryed to make people happy with his singing and people are calling him a freek and all you do is say cruel and evil things to people in the world to make yourself feel you are better then them god will look at your soul not your sexual organ when you get judged how you acted on earth to ather human beings

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