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    1. Everyone in that room is a fag. Thats why they cried. All going for attention. SUPER gay show. This video is a fucking fail. Not a win! Damn it!

    2. I dare you to let him cleanse your soul via the medium of dance and see if you can hold back the tears. What a load of BS! I might try a little ballet dancing to some Cannibal Corpse and see if it has the same effect.

    1. DAMN IT! I’m gonna find the guy that put this keyboard together and burn a cross in his ass!

  1. I actually watched this episode live with the wife. I’m told we need to watch more shows together. Fuck it…happy wife happy life right. (Now that I justified to myself why I actually watched it) I remember cringing when everyone was crying at this. But there was a kid with down syndrome on the show who danced which was fucking HILARIOUS. Best part of the show. Why is that not on here??????????????

    1. Have you ever seen the guy that calls himself Sex? He should have his own comedy hour show.

    2. I think there might be one on YouTube. I think it’s the very first show of So You Think You Can Dance. That is the only episode that I watched and I wanted to see his grandiose performance again. I found it once. He is just an unbelievable fuckwit. He’s got long hair and wears those big birth-control glasses.

    3. Yeah, and his mother goes with him and bitches because the judges are rude to her son, right?

    4. Thanks Dave. I think that is season 2. I don’t see his first performance for season 1. That is the one you need to see. He’s actually a good bit better in this season 2. And I’ve not watched it but it looks like he showed up for season 4.
      I feel sorry for the guy, but for fuck’s sake, he really needs to give it up. Poor guy.

    1. I call it “FRED CUM with a Baseball Bat up his ASS…….”
      What else would I call it?

    2. Actually, no foolin here. This dance made me cry too. Real tears. Fred, you’re a master. I applaud you.

  2. This guy has actual dance (dance class) talent, its not like break dancing or anything hence the haters commenting below lol, but still good dance.

  3. Fuck you are all evil. This guy have talents. The only thing you find to say is negative thing. Fuck Humankind.

  4. i was in the audience that night…and believe me he tried to get my soul but as i was in guard he failed however there is a technique i use for pubescant assholes who dance and try to invade my soul,its called the toe of a broken finger in clenched fist…what you do is pick out a mcdonal eating girl which wears them black stupid tight trousers..then u look at the camel toe..keep staring ..the removement of your soul is now impossible, also all americana women who munch burgers always wear them…thank me another time…time to meditate

  5. I couldn’t figure out if I found it extremely weird, or extremely cool. I’m still not sure, but there was a lot of expression in it. It was almost more like a dramatic ballade performance, than a dance. I guess it all depends on which aspect you see it from.

  6. these are the same “artistic” wankers that call a plain red “painting” art.

    fucking fucktards give that guy some medicine for that seizure

  7. Why the hate? I actually thought this was pretty good because the whole time I was just staring at him seeing what the fuck was he doing the whole time. Got my attention so it worked.

  8. …hell, you could put porn or a ritual killing to that same wrist-slitting overdose music and make the very same morons cry…

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