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  1. Damnnnnnn she’s awful picky about what kinda guy she wants for a prego ugly 19yr old. And she’s looking for ‘weekend romps’ but wants the guy to introduce her to his family and maybe get married. This girl needs a mother figure how said.

  2. It gives you a rate button, so I guess I would go for “Yikes” because she is pregnant and the unlucky person to meet her will then have a kid without sex :\

  3. This is what happens when we only teach abstinence, don’t make abortions readily available and allow these morons to drop out of high school.

    1. They do plenty! They allow abstinence teaching in our public schools, don’t provide birth control and spend tax dollars trying to shut down planned parenthoods abortion clinics…

    2. I wanted to say “you neither!”, but I can’t override the anatomical inaccuracy.

    3. Right on Grenouille! Thank you for knowing the difference between a uterus and a vagina!

  4. Another fail maybe being that the person who took the picture is a member too and had to pay money to do so.. I know this because I seen naked pictures and tried to make an account. Don’t say you didnt try!!!

  5. She is a big skank shes going to take care of a child yet no car always begging in fb for rides,and money and then posts nude pics of herself preg on a rich guy site yeah right kodi no wonder everyone hate u a u trying to have 3someones cuz ur man was at camp ground trying to fuck someone I know and did and u sat there watching ur man fuck her and u asked to join and he said no lol thats,not a fucking whore is it

  6. I’m actually honest, loyal and want to have a family with beautiful kids and the one love. However, this girl is actually “younger” than me and already pregnant. Do I really have to say what she is? I will give my best to that poor little girl though. 🙁

    At least she gave a head start and warned all the single guys out there lol.

  7. It didn’t shock me that she was pregnant and looking, especially on the RichMen site, which is very sad to say. What bothered me was that she has 5 nude photos, too many “in the bathroom mirror pictures” and the fact that she said “bull drama” instead of just “drama”. Hopefully the man she had the one night stand with in the back of his father’s beat up station wagon has more brain cells and dominate genes than she does.

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