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    1. He says Jag fick det pƄ film, English translation: i got it on tape they are swedish i think

    1. Too late… MRSA is in our hospitals and communities. Some strands are immune to antibiotics.

    2. Yeah, I watched a Frontline, I think it was, about it. I’m also nerdy enough to read about crap like that.

    3. I know from firsthand experience with it. If you’re in a hospital long enough, you learn real quick what to fear…

    4. Well, without scenarios like I insinuated above, I have a problem understanding how it’s getting out in rural areas too. But then I’m no biologist and don’t know all that stuff.

    5. Things like misdiagnosis happen all the time. Or people carry it in their blood and when they get sick it rapidly reproduces and winds up in their mucus, saliva, semen and stools. Do you know what is on the doorknobs you touch everyday? Most people dont, and so they do something like wipe snot form their nose and touch doorknobs, money, counters, food, other people and trash bins.
      Sometimes people form cysts and get their friend to drain them in a non-medical setting, thus exposing the friend to whatever strand of MRSA was in the cyst. People are stupid and dont listen to one of the most basic things we teach every child, they need to wash their hands. It’s easy to forget about something you can’t see until it eats your flesh…

    6. You can actually go to your nearest hospital and ask them for information on the spread of MRSA and in the DFW metroplex they give out a map that has each county and the number of confirmed cases of MRSA in each county with a color coordinate. The darker the county, the more confirmed cases. Guess where it’s the darkest? Major cities with big hospitals.

    7. Shit! I’m gonna have to take another bath, clean my nose, douche my butt, wash my money and door knobs, now! Thanks!

    8. Hahaha! Sorry, I’m a bit of a germaphobe, can’t you tell?

      Could have something to do with my current situation, Idk…

    9. I like the field work too. I’v ridden along with several ambulance crews and find their end of the job exhilarating.

    10. Yeah, I have a cousin that was an EMT, went on to be a paramedic and is now a RN. I went a few times with them on ambulance calls. Nothing major, and I know I wasn’t supposed to do that. But anyway.

    11. Well, they use to give all kind of first aid lessons. It was once pretty standard everywhere. Work, school, community centers, etc. Now, I guess nobody gives a fuck. I mean I never hear of it around my area anymore.

    12. They dont give a fuck because they are learning how to operate the camera properly to catch them doing stupid shit to require emergency aid in the first place…

    13. Shit. I expected some erotic discussion, and now I’m itching all over, and I see germs waving at me on my keyboard. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a bleach shower.

  1. I fist thought the ground came loose underneath him, but after a second look, I noticed that he completely overstepped like he was fucking Wile E. Coyote. They don’t get much dumber than that.

  2. I thought it was good, but then the s l o w p a r t made me realize the head was safe. Too bad, he has no use for it anyway. Good friends this one, one keeps filming, the other one jumps immediately to maintain him underwater.

  3. Aahh… The smell of sea in the morning, the blue sky, the sound of bone breaking on rock… Summer is coming folks.

  4. Could that be Nicky No Name?? Nicky been missing for some time now. NOT!!!! Nicky is rich, making money selling his ASS on the street.. 2 blocks away from FRED…….

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