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  1. I want to smack her cheeks simultaneously with both my hands, make it explode, and spread her saliva on her face.

  2. FRED, Someday after your SEX CHANGE.. You might look like a Woman.. WITH A PENIS, tuck up your Ass……..

    1. Well im 25 tomorrow i will be 26. And i stopped putting candles in my cake when i was 17. Candles made my cake taste bad. But why does it matter if i put candles in my cake

    2. I’m gonna out candles on my cake when I’m 80! Your name sure holds up, you suck the fun right out of having a birthday!

    3. Which is why you should live you’re life to the fullest. Your last day could be tomorrow, and you’ll spend eternity regretting not lighting your birthday candles. Don’t pull that ‘Im sad cause someone died’ crap. I lost both my parents in the same day and I live like there is no tomorrow, just because they are gone doesn’t make me any less alive.

    4. So, you tell us your real age, but you won’t tell us your real birth day. Doctor, I have a diagnosis. Stupidity. Inoperable. But she’ll live!

    5. Oh… My… God… Can’t stop laughing… You are the oldest virgin in the world!

    6. Just because you fuck, doesn’t mean you have to get pregnant. Birth control has been around a while now…

    7. You wrote 1886, that’s why I’m laughing. It would make you quite a bit old. Being a virgin at 26, as long as it’s a choice, it only concerns you.

    8. And it would make her a zombie….
      Or vampire, like nosferatu…
      Or a mummy…

      You get the point I’m sure…

  3. Will you guys please stop being mean to suckitall. Seriously grow up. Fred come kick my go ahead. Asshole

    1. Okay. I’ll kick your “go ahead”. Is that what you call your willy?
      And I want to know, are you the index or middle finger of suckitall’s hand? Cause I’ll bet I have larger fingers than her.

  4. Unfortunately this looks like some sort of neurological disorder. She should have this problem looked at by a professional immediately.

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