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    1. Well, unless I tie my foreskin up and poke about 20 holes thru it, then I can’t help you. And I’ll just be straight up, that shit aint gonna happen anyway.

    2. What happened to driving nails through your cock? I would have loved to see it after you were done!

    3. She is only half lesbian, like myself… She’s intensely protective, so unless you want both of us up you’re ass I’d tread lightly. I’m being nice because it’s your birthday, but you’re not making it easy…

    4. Ouch that would be one bloody asshole. Is fred still in the shower or has he came out of the closet?

    5. If he’s in the closet, it’s only because he’s getting your birthday present ready… 😉

    6. Oh hi Garett what an unbelievable coincidence! Let me guess, that surprise of yours is a chainsaw? Please, tell me it’s a fucking chainsaw.

    7. Hahahaha!! Ok Grenouille, Im officially in love with you. I profess it here and now, you are my awe inspiring mistress of sick pleasures. I bow before you in servitude! 😉

    8. Oh wow I almost missed that. You shouldn’t encourage my twisted instincts, you know, Pandora’s box, all that… Sorry, I have to go masturbating while dressed as Julius Caesar, catch you later.

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