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    1. I think that’s just a cup of Starbucks whipped cream… And she obviously thinks she looks good, it’s sad really…

    2. A “drink” of only whipped cream? That is odd. On my cake, my cappuccino, my strawberries, my nipples why not, but a whole mug of it? Eww.

  1. KELTA.ROSE, ONLY if you can look so good as her…. I’ll Marry you!!!! But you look like FRED Bending over, showing his ass-o..
    But with lip’s… Oops!!!! Your lip’s looks better…. AROUND MY COCK!!!!!

    1. Trust me, I’d rather look like Fred’s ass-o that whatever the fuck that is up there…

  2. multi-fail and ill tell u why

    1- bad eyebrows
    2- bad makeup
    3- bad hairdo
    4- it looks like her cup’s filled with jizz

  3. Okay, girls and their eyebrows.. I think. before they get mentally challenged… how about they just.. calm it down on the sharpies and also the… crayola or… whatever it is called, I think she did a RIDICULOUS job on her eyebrows, she should have NEVER shaved her eyebrows in the first place!

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