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  1. My bitch! Bitch is mine! Got me on her head! Not that I’m real happy about her do, but WTF? She’s dedicated…till I piss her off. Then she’ll be even more pissed that she’s got me on her head. Hehehe!

    1. Nah. It’s just business in the front. The party is obviously in the back.

    1. Imagine if it was… “a platter of stork ankles, an old cellar door, a possum spine, and a human foot.”

  2. Gee….
    Another ” Look at me!! minority who has money for idiotic crap like this yet none for books, utilities, health care, rent, traffic fines, food.
    Ah yes…the priorities of our protected species known as the coloureds.

    1. Yeah 2lolo, everyone is getting laid except for you . Looks like another night of angry masturbating while watching Muppets in Space for you.

  3. That hair style is a YabadabaDON’T. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m calling my internet service provider to cancel my internet as we speak.

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