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    1. Should be, “Donkey Dick Shaped Like Logo Win”. They could make him their mascot.

    2. changes its logo to a donkey penis. Everything else stays the same. Nobody notices.

  1. On your left you see a gas station then on your right omg a donkey fucking another donkey that has two girls on it. Donkey dick

    1. Seriously girl, you must not be a day over 12. Just go and update your FB or something and let the grown ups do the orgasm jokes.

    2. Well then fucking act like it and this shit will stop… And just so you know, you are older than me now Stacy. 😉

  2. First, there is no evidence of rape. They clearly are penned together so the owner consents to their activities.
    second, the bottom ass could kick or bite or show anger if she was not happy. Instead, she stands still. Thus, donkey consent.
    Third, those girls appear around 16 years of age. In any case, they are at a farm like area, and that’s what animals do at farms. Their parents may not like it, but that’s farm life.
    Fourth, hee haa!

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