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    1. MARA, How’s your FISHES SMELLING PUSSY Been???
      I been getting my BLOW-JOBS From KELTA.ROSE for the past 2 weeks.. She SUCK my COCK DRY…..

    2. Thanks for the update 2lolo. I’m very glad things are working out for you. Whoever you are. Idk which 2lolo is the real one.

    1. Ooh la la! Vous êtes une femme très sexy!

      Yes, I used Google translate, but I’m trying…

    2. Hahaha, merci beaucoup, la grimace est mon atout !
      I had to try it, and that may help not mistaking me for a dude…

  1. FRED , Someday you will have your monthly PERIOD….. After your SEX Change!!! Now back to work, SELL that ASSS………

  2. i am a simi-husky gay man i would like to buy those pants for 100 dollors. i thibnk these would fit me because u a fairly husky woman and thir for fit a simi husky male.

    ha ha ha jk kidding UR FAT

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