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  1. it is so sad. why would someone have a kid to not give it a chance at life. poor girl is gonna get in nothing but trouble all throughout school to get kicked out and give up to live a horrible life like her mother. where does the cycle end???

  2. Kid is gonna grow up to be just like her mom with no class and no hope for a bright future with a parent like that. Take a look people, this is the future of America right here.

    1. Kristophoros!!! What did I tell you about posting comments on epicfail? Take your shower, put your boy clothes on, and stay downstairs until we have our “secret time”.

    1. perhaps they are but that doesn’t excuse or means anything a black mom or white, chinese can do the same with their children you don’t have to be prejudiced…

  3. the sad thing is not turning the tables around and helping your daughter to not grow up and be like momma.

  4. oh who am i fooling? fuck the niceties. i so would screw that sweet ass bleached haired jheri curled smelling latin milf.

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