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    1. And from the looks of it, she just took first place in the deaf association’s 2011 annual talent show.

    2. I hope you’re right, the only excuse I’ll accept for the rape of my ears is that this girl is actually deaf.

    1. She’s probably one of these that make out like they’re cumming, but instead just piss all over the furniture.

  1. I don’t see the fail. Sure she can’t sing, but who cares? She’s hot, she can’t speak English, and she can probably make some killer halushki and perogies. Now that, my friends, is a WIN!

  2. I think she’s actually a deaf person, they can’t hear themselves speak, its the reason she’s singing tonelessly and nasally. Learning to talk through reading lips = suq.

    Definitely hot though, and cute. Most of the people shitting on her would only be so lucky to score a piece of poon like that.

    1. Yeah, but with auto-tune she would sound like…well…What does someone that doesn’t use auto-tune and is a good singer anyway sound like…? I forgot.

    1. “show me your wart
      show me how much you care
      come to my hut
      whisper my name

      show me your fart
      I need you more than they
      You feel my butt
      that’s why I came”

      is it only me or are there ALL KINDS OF THINGS wrong with this video…

  3. Okay she’s deaf and she “sings”, but what’s the point eh? Isn’t it a bit like a blind chick painting your walls? She’s gorgeous and all but her “singing” voice is killing it completely.

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