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    1. That’s actually a good idea since it lessens the chance of poor niggas butt-plowing you. They see the instructions and instead they fuck your mouth.

    2. Poor niggas can fuck themselves! I ain’t no bougie ghetto! No shorts, ya heard? Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    3. Lady, what in God’s name were you thinking? If you want to look more attractive why not go on a weight program and run some laps?

  1. At first one would assume that is on the chest, but on closer inspection I’m convinced this is a tramp stamp on the ass of something.

    1. Well, thanks, Joe. I was just curious. I guess there are other little tricks in that neighborhood. I mean like alt+### that do other things. IDK.

  2. Her next one should go on her face. Across her cheeks and down her forehead put “Poor Niggas Only”. Come on…them poor nims need a hole, too. She can leave the yoch for the ballers and get ready for the child support checks to roll in. Dollaz!

  3. Isn’t a rich nigga an oxymoron? I mean theres plenty of wealthy black guys. Thats like trying to find a well to do redneck.

    1. how you gone state niggas aint rich…i happen to know plenty of black and well-educated guys who are rich!! dont assume things, thank you.

    2. but seriously how hard can it be to appear educated to someone like you? and rich? hell I bet they take you to red lobster.

    3. @Princesa most well educated black guys probably don’t refer to themselves as niggas lol.

    Weekends FRED Man Hole $10.00,, Ass 2 Mouth $20.00
    WEEKDAYS FRED MAN HOLE $5.00,, Ass 2 Mouth
    SUNDAY 2 for 1
    MONDAY Close……

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