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  1. FRED!!! Someone is calling you… “BOOTLEG”!!!!
    Well it’s TRUE… FRED can take a BOOT LEG up his ass……… Oops!!!!! It’s KELTA.ROSE, when FRED is DRESS as a DRAG QUEEN…….

    1. Idk, I want Tyrion Lannister to rule… He would be good at it! Or Rob, he’s got the military expertise.

    2. Actually all I’m waiting for is when the others start coming over the wall and maybe the dragons.

    3. Yup, me too. And meanwhile I enjoy the sex scenes. That’s what they’re for, right? To make us hold on ’til the dragons and the whitewalkers arrive.

    4. What’s the deal with the white walkers anyway? They have been teasing us for two seasons now!
      (On a side note: Last weeks episode was intensely satisfying with all the killing)

    5. Well, I not seen Game of Thrones, but one thing’s for certain. If it’s good and people like it, then HBO will cancel it. Every show that I get interested in on HBO has gotten cancelled. Deadwood, Carnivale and some others that I don’t remember of hand.

    6. OMG Carnivale. Sorry, just had an orgasm. On the contrary Fred, I’m afraid they’re going to do everything to make GoT last the longer possible, because it’s a success, and that they usually pull on a show until they’re is nothing left to eat on the bone. One exception to that would be the best series I’ve ever seen so far, The Wire. But that remains an exception.

    7. I don’t see what the big deal is with that show. I pirated season 1 and got through half of the first episode when I realized it was nothing more than a soap opera with full frontal nudity. All tits, no action. Sorry, my girlfriend provides me with tits, but she doesn’t fight orcs or any of that bullshit so I rely on TV & movies for that stuff.

    8. I like GoT, but it doesn’t withstand the comparison with LOTR, that’s for sure. It’s pleasant to watch, and my brother and sister watch it too, it gives us something to share. That’s what happens in a country where there’s no more religion, we have to rely on TV to bring back family together on sundays. Bwahaha.

    9. Well, I was really into Carnivale and Deadwood. I thought they were successes. Maybe not. At least Carnivale got to finish the chapter it was on, but Deadwood just ended without finishing up what was going on. Brad Dourif is one of my favorite actors and he played Doc Cock, as Calamity Jane called him. I’d like Dourif to do some Poe stories. He’s great at playing creepy fuckers.

    10. I’ve not watched Deadwood yet, but you’re not the first one to tell me it’s a good show, maybe I’ll try. Although the perpective of a frustrating end does not stimulate me. Heh.
      Did you make up with Sucksatall?

    11. Deadwood seems to be pretty historically accurate, but it’s alot of big words not used in everyday conversation. So have a dictionary handy. And most of the characters curse about five times in every sentence.

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