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    1. No, she’s got an ear infection and he’s just a doctor checking the severity of the infection.

    2. Yeah, she suspected a vaginal irritation too, so he’s checking that with his most suitable tool.

    1. you are correct Sir, the guy in the back is most certainly winning…a double win if he bagged them both.

    1. shut the fuck up you raciest shit I’m black and I think white people are some of the most ugliest people on this planet I wouldnt sleep with one if I got payed to. another why do white people hate black when all they do is copy us they get tans so their not pale or white when they go to a white club they listen to black music on their Ipods they wear are cloths oh and another thing if black will fuck anything they would do anything to get pussy lame ass white people always talking shit but won’t say that racist shit in front of blacks keep your shit to your self now your the real fail

  1. its been my experience that any white woman that sleeps with a non white seems to always have emotional problems

    1. Then your experience is filtered through your preconceived bigotry. No wonder you think you are so smart.

    2. Which, of course, means that the white women who were married to the slave masters that used regularly rape the shit out of their black slaves didn’t have emotional problems. Please go suck some dick as soon as possible.

    1. Uh, actually it is the white men who are “short”. That is why white women go black..or the aforementioned Italians. Live a little, why don’t ya.

    2. Honey , if a face like that leering over you while having sex is what you consider living a little then why dont you just go ahead and get naked , sneak into kenya and have yourself the party of a lifetime. ? You probably already smell like an orangutans foot so what have you got to lose ?

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