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  1. No wonder there are so many disgusting obese individuals in the world these. I guess there isn’t enough energy in a big mac to aid them in climbing a set of stairs. WTF!!

    1. @ Fuckface, Actually there are buildings just like what is shown in that pic in the China/Japan town districts of Frisco and Seattle. So before you start assuming shit why don’t you do your research? Oh yeah, Welcome to America!

    2. It might just be from some asian town from somewhere in the states. The lazy ass people waiting for the escalator could only happen here Lmfao… Just don’t know from which city tho.

    3. Thats not americans…. They are not fat enough and I don’t see cheeseburgers or shot guns

    4. Judging by the grooves on the floor for the visually impaired, I’m going to guess that it’s Japan.

      I don’t know where “Frisco” is, but I can say with some certainty that there is no building in San Francisco with signs like that – it looks like a train station.

    5. Actually its either China or HK underground metrolink…btw Khristophoros..try doing ur research first before assuming its America too

    6. Its pretty obvious thats not America….. America doesn’t have subways with Chinese/Japanese lettering on the signs. If they did they would have English letter off to the side but yeah that is defiantly not America

    1. Roberto Benigni: In Italy we have a-saying, that guy is so lazy he married a-pregnant woman.

    2. One of the reasons for extinction of the panda bears is that they can’t store enough energy to copulate.

  2. Isn’t this only a fail if their goal is to get upstairs as quickly as possible?

    There’s been more than one long day after work when I waited in line for the train station escalator instead of walking up the stairs.

  3. Common sense fail indeed. Why use the stairs when all you have to do is wait in line for the escalator?

  4. It’s actually Japan. And what the pic fails to show is that there are 500,362 more steps up to the next level and there’s no option to hop on the escalator half way up.

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