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  1. not a trick more like you smashed that hamsters head off the wall and knocked it out. bet its a stupid american

  2. You dumb FUCKS!!! The hamster did not die NOR did he hit it with his finger. Gawd, go and get a pair of glasses. And some brains to go with them.

    1. Right?? I’m glad someone said it for me. Cutest trick ever.
      Love the douche that said it was Americans.
      We do think of the best shit don’t we?

    2. Not the hamster did not die you retard, but it will if he keeps doing it, the reason why it does that is because he is blowing on it and the hamster gets shocked which will eventually give it a heart attack and it will die… Fact my sister friend killed my when i was little by blowing it everytime she walked past, cause the hampster would jump and freeze having a mini heart attack, but eventually the heart will stop….. So thats what people are getting at YOU STUPID THICK FUCK

  3. if the animal had died, it wouldn’t have moved its little legs at the end of the clip… I thought it was very funny.

    1. And duct tape I guess. Unless you’re not talking about ‘that’ finger. *Wink wink*

  4. As a vet and animal welfare expert I can tell you this hamsters reaction is pure TERROR.
    It’s not a trick, that hamster is so scared that it’s instinct is to play dead (like most animals when they feel under attack) 🙁
    Whoever owns this hamster and did this should be very ashamed of themselves.

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