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  1. your probably right, and sad thing is that kid deserved worse than a smack or two, she should have wooped his ass. So stupid how kids cant be disciplined properly these days without it being “child abuse”

    1. You speak the truth. Without discipline youth are becoming seemingly more self absorbed, and don’t seem to understand there are consequences to their actions.

    2. Her biggest mistake was she stayed, you wanna get a kid to obey ditch their a$$ 1 day on his own that kid will learn quick where his bread is buttered

    3. CPS still would have picked her up and put the kid in a home most likely, but that just sounds like a win for her anyways, so…

    4. If she’d walked away, the kid probably would have gone off, had a grand old time all on their own, caused a bunch of trouble, and mom would been in a heap of it.

  2. Her basic mistake was to make a fuss….. she should simply have told him (once) what he had to do, and then walked away. This is exactly why there are so many spoilt brats in the world, they LOVE mommy making a fuss over them, she has basically trained him to throw a hissy fit every time she aks him to do something. BAD MOMMY.

    1. Binks..I so agree with you. As I was watching this, she should have said…”get up”, then sat right there on the curb not saying anything, until he did.

    1. Sorry, Vic. I must have struck a chord with you. I’ll never diss Disneyland ever again. First cartoons, now this?

    2. I completely understand the reaction. After traveling through Asia with my wife and kids for the past month, and still have 5 weeks to go, this might just have been the straw that broke the camels back. Sometimes pushing thumbtacks into my eyeballs and walking onto a busy street seems a much better option!!

    1. Autism is every parent’s excuse for their children misbehaving… Not every child is autistic, some are just snotty little shits. Alot of parents need to grow up and bend the child over their knee and blister their ass red, it worked on every past generation, so theres no reason it wouldnt work on this generation.

    2. I wouldn’t have went with her either! The way she was throwing Curse words at him, theres no telling how he’s treated at home.. Most kids that are treated like dirt at home end up like this around his age… You don’t know if he has Autism or not. You don’t know if he was acting like this around others because he was tired of her treating him like that… Know peoples reasons before judging.. Buttt he didn’t have to act like that there it had to of been embarrassing!!!!

  3. Maybe it’s time for the Captain Kirk Double-Death Stun to the clavicles. Or, call security and have them help you “escort” him out. Disney is QUICK to get crap like this out of the public view, and into an air-conditioned, locked-from-the-outside “family waiting area”, near each exit.

  4. She was probably one of those mothers that didnt believe in spanking her child when he was little. I would have never even thought of acting like that in public. If I had I would have been running to the police for safety.

    1. Yup. That’s the fail, absolutely. That kid is the product of failed parenting and at this point no amount of ass-beating is going to fix it. This is a perfect example, however, of why inferior people should NOT breed. It takes intelligence and hard work to be a good parent, neither of which I would bet this woman has much familiarity with. /head desk

  5. May I remark that the first kick was actually executed quite well. Although it seems that this video is tagged incorrectly. It looks like the Kid struck with the shin which you wouldn’t do in Karate.

    1. geez, don’t ask me how I ACTUALLY intended to complete that second sentence… seems I forgot halfway through… I tend to get confused… forgot my pills.

  6. @ The dunbass who says Autism is being an asshole: You may want to walk in my shoes for just a day…as you could not handle much more… My son is Autistic and when he gets a sensory overload, as being in a huge amusment park with tons of people can be, thats how he is. He cant help it. For those of you who say it bad parenting, I hope youre judged in your life by others just as quickly as you judged her…

  7. seriously ….that kid is like 9 years old not fucking 4! what kind of kid that age pulls hissy fits like this? bet he will grow up to be a right whining little bitch too.

  8. Stupid fucking parents I say, cuz of course you just let ya two kids fight and then video it dont ya? NOOO you tell them both to fucking behave or they going home. STUPID PARENTS.

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