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  1. Again I counter with this: If that’s what the customer said he wanted on his arm then it’s not the tattoo guy’s fault.

    1. so the tattoo guy should just stay quiet and not mention that they’re about to get the wrong thing put on them for life?

  2. I always find it a fail when somebody condemns somebody else for not using proper English. What’s interesting is that nothing is truly proper. Its all in your head. So to consider yourself proper is a joke and looking down upon others for not being this so called ‘proper’ is wrong on so many levels.

    1. It’s such a beautiful saying. You should get that tattooed on your lower back.

  3. “never don’t give up” he’s clearly saying always give up because he said never don’t give up so should always give up which dosnt make this not a fail

    1. Well, it’s a double negative either way, so the guy probably figured it didn’t matter.

  4. he could atleast have a full stop or hyphon in there, so it reads ‘Never. dont give up’ or ‘Never- Dont give up’… it could be a lot easier 😛

  5. Is it wrong if I love it? I think it’s going to be my new motto. Each time I say it, I laugh, and nothing’s more important than a good laugh every day.

  6. my guess is that it’s non-english speaking person trying to get a cool english tattoo. I guess it’s no different than an American getting a chinese character tattoo that they think means something like “faith” but really means “smelly fish”

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