Control + Z Fail


People Fail

Submitted by Anon

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    1. Photoshop r-tards. Why is the background in the star not his head or hair? Epic Fail fail

  1. how is this a fail?
    i posted a mom feeding her kid doggie biscuits on facebook and it didn’t made it to the front page. but this does? thats ridiculous

  2. You may like it or not, but what is done here is well done, this is definitely not a fail.
    @vic: if you consider there is absolutely NO good reason because YOU can’t find one, then you are a retarded human being and you should die

    1. It does look well done, but I’ve never seen anything like it before. I wonder how much it hurt.

    1. Someone could’ve repromramed it for him so that any button turns it on. I reprogramed the students game computer so that it only turns on if you type eet on the keyboard, also programed it so i can turn it off from my computer without them knowing why it shutdown(makes me laugh everytime)

  3. A buddy of mine got part of his ear shot off in Afghanistan. It looks way gnarlier than this faggotry, and it hasn’t prevented him from getting a job.

  4. you know this is photo shopped cause you don’t see skin on the other side of the ear but you see a wall!!!! next time do a better job!

  5. I have hair almost to the mid of my back, I don’t have hair behind my ear where this would be in my ears…….just dunno how it’s keep its shape unless plug (which is neber seen in a star) I like it tho

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