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  1. Great. Now I know how to fix my hair if I decide to go to a Mayan gay club. BTW: Only six more months left. And where’s that fucking last X-Files movie?

  2. Yeah… Mexico is THAT way. And don’t let border patrol shoot you in the ass on the way back to your shithole country.

    1. If you ask me, they Look Indian, Mexican, and Cuban, all rolled into one. xP But no one asked, I just TOLD you all, anyway! xD

    2. hope border protal shoot your ass back to where your family came from
      no 1 has the right to shit about people from other countries coming here NATIVE PRIDE
      these was are land be4 the white people

    3. Calm down everyone, central or south american or mexicans , who cares, the thing is, those haircuts are HIDEOUS!!!!

    4. Zoey you must be retarted and ignorent…not only are cuban light skinned, but indian? damn white american….


  3. Oh I’ve heard about this gang. Your initiation consists of having to get a haircut that instigates a gay rape. If it doesn’t, you still get raped, you just can’t join.

    1. I swear these pictures are of you, the “real” you, I’m now content of being able to put face to name. How is pineapple and Nicky?

    1. I was in Mexico City in ’97. Menudo was staying at the same inn. Two beautiful Mexican teen girls wanted to stay with me in my room so they might meet Ricky. I know it sounds like bullshit, but I’m not lying. The day Menudo signed in, the inn was flooded with teens girls. They were creeping around everywhere. Hundreds of them. I just assumed that Ricky had his pick in his room. Imagine my surprise when he finally came out of his closet. Now I know he was too busy sucking dick. I wonder what those girls now think about that little weekend escapade.

    2. Oh, I get it. You’re talking about how you programmed the pc to come on using certain keys?

    3. yeah, turning on is easy just go in the BIOS and set the password option in the SuperIO if you use a USB keyboard you have to enable USB keyboard support

    4. 2lolo, I got there two or three days before they arrived. They got there on Friday and rented the whole top floor. They were playing a concert there on Saturday. It was the Holiday Inn. I never saw any of them, though. I was too busy to give a fuck about some gay boy’s< band I'd never even heard of. I didn't even know who Ricky Martin was then. But I got to know a little girl named Alma, though.

    5. I had the same thing happen when I saw The Who at an airport except i walked right by them(close enough to touch) but didn’t know who they were or give a rat’s a$$

    6. @me. Thanks. I can see using that in certain applications where it would be handy…and a security measure.

    7. for the turning off you have to install a windows registry software and use CMD promts to activate it then you can run the program called “shutdown -i” that’s already in your computer (you need to be a little tech savvy to do this one

    8. Don’t you run into a shitload of viruses with the registry softwares in China? As well as all other software?

    9. nope the software you need for activating remote shutdown comes from Windows itself not a third party. the rest of my downloads i do through torrents (i like free stuff)

  4. you guys are idiots, these other idiots on the picture are clear columbian, hence the guys sign that says kolumbia..Im of mexican descendence (my parents came legally) and Ive been in the navy for 2 years probably doing more then you intolerant bums..

    1. This is the band that Clint Eastwood’s shallow, worthless wife is whoring around, yet to no avail. We talked about this, baby!

    2. Are you hitting on me? Take it easy, sugar tits! At least pretend like you don’t want me!

    3. Every time she calls me “dumbass”, I know that she’s really saying, “Pleas put it in my b-hole!”

  5. HAHAHA! its funny how all of you say mexicans… etc. But REALLY , your soooooooo immuture. And for the one who said: I dont want to live in this world anymore,PLEASE, i dont want to live in this world with this STUPID comments. And it looks all of you know about mexicans and from other places, YEAHH, cuse im sure half of you have family from there. Ohhhh and you say they should shoot them blah blah, mexicans got here to america first so mexicans should shoot the hell out of you. So GROW UP, little white TRASHES, cuse i know americans do nothing mexicans come here to work for us, and you say,,, ohhh yeah when the economy gets better they are going to come,, GUESS what this isnt going to happend cuse, most americans are eating mcdonalds right now.
    and i admit america is better than other places but grow up first and then say something,YEAHH I say this cuse im sure you have nothing to do just going on epicfail, while mexicans are giving you food.

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