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  1. this is retarded.. so just cause 1 girl has 2 letters on a shirt its a fail? im about to remove this site from my favorites. i swear to god.

    1. I agree…..Fucking rubbish shit…surely there’s something better than this shit…..
      Fred hasn’t even bothered to comment it is that fucked !!

    2. Ummm I thought it was a fail because the “r” is missing..not because the fat girl has two letters..?

    3. Its more like a WIN for the big girl, she has to do more work for the skinny bitches cause they cant do shit. 😛

    4. ^ They ca… what exactly is it that they’re supposed to be able to do that they can’t do? And how much do you weigh?

  2. niggahs deleted my comment!? this site is turning into a piece of shit with fucking pictures like these. omfg its a fail cause a girl sewed 2 letters on her shirt? go fucking die in a hole

    1. dam fucking this site is trolling me! i came here and everything was deleted now its back!? this site admin is trying to make me look crazy, and double posting shitttttttttt w.e its weed time!

    2. When you’re done smoking your weed, check your keyboard for something called the “F5” key.

    3. You were probably awaiting moderation. Then you got on again but without your log on information, so it looked like your comments were deleted. I’m not sure why they filter comments on here; they allow everything.

  3. The problem is that this site doesn’t automatically refresh itself after you come back to the site. You have to refresh it manually. How fuckin’ stupid is that? They need to get a web technician to fix that shit.

  4. @YOSANNNA. You’re better off deleting this site from you favorites so we don’t have use our precious energy to blatantly ignore your lame ass comments.. Also learn to use a fucking computer. This bitch is a bigger fail than this pic. This is why no one cares what women have to say because it’s usually ignorant, nagging, or just completely useless. Ugh and this is a fail because the bitch with two letters is fat, and the ‘R’ is blanked out by her super Sayan kamehameha. Dumb shits.

    1. This comment was not only ignorant, nagging and completely useless, but also lame as shit.
      Your name is ‘Big Mama’ and you’re going to slander women on the internet? Your mother should have douched with bleach when she was pregnant, or possibly she did and that’s why you are the way you are…

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