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  1. why is it anytime someone takes a picture of them selves with a kid in the background it’s a fail. I doubt she is even the mother her stomach looks too flat to have an infant.

    1. That makes no sense. I know a lot of women *including myself* who are skinnier after they had a child..

  2. The fail, to me, is the Bumbo seat on the toilet. If you don’t know what a Bumbo is, the child is sitting in one. It even says on the Bumbo itself NOT to put it on any elevated surfaces. Floor only. Children have been injured, from parents setting them on elevated surfaces.

  3. that baby can hold it’s head up, it’s at least a month old. my stomach was completely flat 4 weeks after i had my son. the real fail is that she placed the bumpy (that seat) on top of the toilet seat and it could fall. the baby would be safer on the floor. still…definitely a weak fail…

    1. Hot maybe, but still has a kid and won’t do the dishes either, fuck all that. You know her sink’s full of dirty sippy cups. She probably doesn’t take out the garbage either- which is most likely overflowing with poopy diapers.

    2. Exactly! She’s hot, she knows it, so she doesn’t think she should have to do the dishes and that’s why I say she must be hot. I’d do her.
      See? I can deduce hotness.

    3. I thought it meant she uses paper plates and plastic flatware. Either way, I’d leave the biggest jizz stain I could on her comforter.

    4. We seem to have similar thoughts on this issue. I’m probably a bit more of a selfish lover, though…and I’d bring my own silverware.

    1. I know! she’s not just endangering her child, but yours too through the internet!

    2. I know! I wanted to show my nephew dead bodies on theync, but I accidentally clicked on the wrong tab and he saw this instead. You could only imagine how shocked he was! I’ve been pretty much disowned by my whole family now.

    3. you’re going to have to get his middle fingers removed now or he’ll just be tainted forever

  4. those seats are bad for babies. and even if you are stupid enough to use one, don’t put it on a toilet seat. and keep an eye on your child instead of trying to look badass flipping off the camera. that’s the fail.

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