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  1. just another gay kid in suburbia with a dream of being a horrible, horrible star…i suggest sticking to what your good at like school and firing your video director

  2. I wanna get hiiiiiigh
    I don’t care if everyone at school makes fun of me.
    I wanna get hiiiiiigh
    On that piece of yard on the side of the house that no one ever uuuuuusess!
    I wanna get hiiiiiigh
    My best friends are prepubescent ugly fat girls!
    I wanna get hiiiiiigh
    I ironically put my sweat pants on so I don’t sweat putting people pants ooooohohohoooooon!
    I wanna get hiiiiiigh
    And eat pizza rolls they’re so awesome why do pizza bagels even exissssssssst?
    I wanna get hiiiiiigh
    Because rhyming is overrrrateeeeeeeeed.
    I wanna get high!!

    1. Had to hide in the alley to do that shit cause his father, mother, sister, and brother would have beat his ass if they’d caught him doing it in the house.

    2. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason why side yard exists. It’s the smoking chamber.

    3. He is the species us Northern Irelanders like to call the “Gay Steek” or “Geek” if you will, they are a rare kind and usually hide in remote places, an endangered species who have an average maternity of 15 years cause that’s when they kill themselves. From this video we see one near the end of its life, posting this video will most likely speed up its death as its predator: “White (gangsta but not really) Steeks” will soon hunt it down and feed of its misery. We can tell that it is of the Steek species as it wears jogging bottoms it everyday life even though they should only be used in physical activity and the other factor is that it lives in a bad neighborhood. We can tell, it’s gay due to its singing and haircut. This particular “Geek” won’t live more than 6 months as it is probably bullied that it is fat and now will have more ridicule after, all we can say for now is that keep an eye on the news for any suicidal teens!
      This is Mao, reporting for the Discovery Channel!

  3. fat – check
    faggotness – check
    lack of talent – check
    makes you want to hit him – check

    its fat justin beiber!

  4. This guy really has talent. Now only he needs to focus on losing weight, manning the fuck up and singing.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too! I almost feel bad for that kid… he’s going to be teased and tormented even more than he probably already is!

    2. yeah I have a hard time believing this guy was serious. the way he’s looking through the grass and the ridiculous dancing and posing is just too silly. has to be a joke. in which case he actually did a pretty good job of acting like a real life psycho loser.

  5. lol…if his father sees this i bet he’s gonna kill that gay boar!!! hahahahhahha!!!!!! he’s already high hahahahh!!!! deym,,,,,that kid’s a lame.. lol

  6. He’s probably getting a record deal, he’s no worse than a lot of “singers” that do…

    On a side note, autotune was running to heavy he had to rent big blue to run it, which coincidentally matched hes cloths.

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