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  1. this site is starting to fucking piss me off. so every time anyone gets any fucking tattoo its immediately an EPIC FAIL? and only scum bag douche’s and cheap ghetto sluts get tattoos and piercings? thats fucking bullshit body modification is an art, even when EF posts a tattoo WIN ass holes comment all over it about how scummy tattooed people are and how any body modification is a fail. its fucking bullshit.

    1. I totally agree with you about idiots tearing down everyone with tattoo’s and piercing, but u have to admit this tat is garbage..

    2. I think this might be a fail because its this yolo bullshit.

      I have seen some unique tats though that’ll never bee a fail. Yakuza art etc

    3. You could come up with a genius plan to … say, i dunno… not come visit the site anymore?
      stop bitching. no one cares. go to Oprah.

    4. When the tattoo says Yolo, it’s auto fail. I love body mods but Yolo is really stupid and way too over used. I’ve seen like 5 tattoos of Yolo on the inside of peoples lips, so original.. Fags.

    5. speeking of fads, how many of you have tribal bands or tribal tattoos. how about sugar skulls? no? pixie/butterfly/tinkerbell? it’s a fact that people follow trends getting a tattoo in and of itself has become trendy and hey if we don’t do stupid shit when we’re you then we won’t have shit to laugh at when we get older. I know, I know go to oprah…

  2. hey Vodevil this IS an epic fail… seriously though… most pathetic tattoo ever. Like whats the point… oh wait .. let me guess… because you only live once? LOL

    1. stands for You Only Live Once. it’s the big new thing with the kids or some shite.

    2. Lol, that’s what I was thinking… And I thought I was pretty up to date on the shitty stars of today…. “You only Live once” probably an accurate assessment, but it’s not very catchy as a slogan…

  3. Although i have to agree yolo is a fucking annoying saying. My point is lip tattoos are well concealed and they fade very quickly. And btw fuck Oprah i love epic fail and you can gargle my balls, i made all valid points.

    1. I’m with you, buddy. I have “ball gargler” tattooed on my lower lip, we should hang out sometime.

    2. Can you have one put on your tongue? I want “Place clit here!” put on my tongue. I think that would be just coolicious. And, of course, I’d get alot of exercise sticking my tongue out at women.

  4. They spelled YOYO wrong. What idiots, hippy tattoo artist can’t stay away from the crack and marijuana for five minutes to do a proper tattoo so they don’t fuck it up.

    1. Wow, looks like YOU can’t stay away from the crack pipe that long either… If you dont know what yolo means…. Live under a (crack) rock much?

  5. You know what i love most about epic fail? reading the comments. like all the above ones. just epic. so much sarcasm and witty comebacks 🙂

    1. It’s funny you two fellas have the same tattoo, except yours is on your wiener, pointing to your pee-hole.

  6. retarded. i hope it becomes infected, and the ink taint her mouth going down to her stomach giving her an ulcer.

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