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    1. No, it is warping the space-time continuum. It’s like a gravitational lens bending light.

  1. @2lolo is that YOU? BENDING OVER taking it from the ASS-O! DANM! dont be so NASTY in front YOUR MOM!! YUCK!!

    1. Oh no! It’s spreading! It infected Ximenez! We have to take him down, before it’s too late!

    2. Guys….. help…. I can’t…. think…. WHY KELTA can’t keep hand out of FRED ASS-O! DANM! Shoot me now!!

    3. *Shoots Ximenez twice in the head*
      DAMN IT!! Double tap didnt work because it’s eaten his brain and he no longer needs that to survive, his body is running on sheer stupidity alone!!

    4. What that BULLET was from?? your mom ASS-O? DANM!!! THAT STUFF TASTY!!! You’re gonna have to cut my body into pieces!! Don’t think twice… or NICKY NO NI NAME gonna fuck it! He FUCK everything.. Kill me!

    5. *Takes machete and cuts off arms and legs*
      *Starts hacking and slashing in a wild rage*

    6. Is that YOU KELTA? YOU LOOK SO… DIF… UH … YOU …ASS-O… UHHHHHHH. (Ximenez’s spirit pops up like on Mortal Kombat): Thank you, Kelta. You have saved my spirit. Now I can fly off and dick around in the spirit world. WOOSH!

    7. You have to destroy the head, damn it!
      Here, Kelta! Take these two claymore mines I’ve made to look like earphones! Tell him it’s the latest Bieber song! I’ll click the blasting cap clacker!

    8. To think I just read these comments… and lost so many fucking brain-cells it’s not even funny…

    9. That movie was totally fucked up(yeah, where the hell is the necessary sex scene?), but the pop corn was good.

    1. I know! It’s so weird that dads and/or families would take their daughters to a Barbie store! (Because based on a sampling of seven people visible behind the time/space warper, two are men, three are kids, and two are indeterminate but could be women.)


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