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    1. relly y do people get on adele she is a beautiful person and shes lost alot of weight beside this bitch is horrible looking and adele is sexy!!!!!

  1. This girl isn’t lost yet. If she would work out 2-3 times a week and eat a decent diet she could stay good looking for a long time. This is an example of a bbw who is good looking only because she is young. Come the 30s she will look like a dump if she keeps up with the slop diet.

  2. So? Only people with “correct” beauty standars can make cosplay? I’m sick of this…She’s a cute girl, doing something she likes, leave her alone. Pretending normal people have the perfect looks, like comic characters is stupid. By the way, models and actresses are normal women with photoshop, make up and expensive clothes, and live of their bodies so they have more time to take care of.
    P.S: English is not my first language, so I apologize if there’s any mistakes

    1. I 100% agree with everything you’ve said Miyuki! And well done you for standing up for what is right 🙂
      These people are shallow. Influenced and deluded by the media. A sad, sad reality for a population who are supposedly getting evermore intelligent…

    2. I totally agree with you 100%
      people now-a-days only see beauty in cosmetics, surgery and skin-and-bone girls. Newsflash! that’s not beauty. The real beauty is in those pure hearten girls, who enjoy life and are happy just by being themselves.
      Please have some respect people!I’m sure you just love to criticize others, but you’re just afraid of looking of looking at yourselves in the mirror, cause you know it’s ten times worse then what you’re criticizing.
      Karma…..yea she’s a bitch 😉

    3. seriously! at least she doesn’t care and she’s doing what she wants, i would much rather feel that way then to care about vain sh-t like all the people laughing at her.

    4. Well there is a thing called modesty… Ashamed not too many cosplayers never seem to hear or no the term

    1. Let’s go grab a coupla cases of Pabst and I’ll school ya Dave!
      “Rednecks, white socks, and Blue Ribbon BEER!”

    2. Y’all both did better than me. I would never even show up to class. Then one day, in a drunken range, I sent the professor of drunk theory a text message telling her to go fuck herself. Then I sent her another text message telling her I was sorry and that the only reason I never showed up was because I wanted to take her to pound town and “taste her”. Do I regret it? Nope! I ended up switching my major to Drunk Textology Science.

    3. I was thinking that we drink two liter bottle of rum together. Less bottles we have to throw out the window and we get drunk faster, but you are the one that graduated so I don’t know.

    4. Ximenez, my sister is a major in drunk textology science. She’s really into incest when she’s drunk. Ask me how I know! Actually my grandfather told me about it.

    5. Dave, that rum suggestion should’ve got you graduated with honors. I just like to throw the beer bottles at mailboxes and street signs.
      P.S. I’d really like to meat your sister.

    6. Dave that is really smart. The faster you get drunk, the less time you would have to spend driving sober. It’s fuel efficient. I would play a game where I would throw a beer bottle out of my car while it was going between 40-50mph and put a certain spin and angle on it so that it would bounce before breaking. The more bounces you got before it broke, the better score you got. If you got more than three bounces and the bottle didn’t break, you got an extra two points. DQ if it lands in the grass. You also had to throw the bottle at an angle that was higher than parallel to the ground. It was a pretty fun game back in the days. Great practice.

    7. Sounds like a damned good game. I guess the one that gets too buzzed to throw worth a damn has to drive.

    8. Haha! Damn, Mara. You seem so sad when you ask that.
      No, that was not my picture. That was actually a young nerdy guy that you saw. You should have seen the one I put up after that. It was lunatical.

    9. Be careful when you undo that diaper! I wouldn’t want to smack your pretty little chin with my boner.

    10. Well, that’s not really true. I really wouldn’t mind smacking your chin a little. Just wouldn’t want to hurt you, little Poopykins.

    11. Mara, don’t even try it. You’re the one that couldn’t handle me. You’d be all like, “OW! Quit Fred! It’s too big! I don’t think it will fit! Be easy!”
      Then about five minutes later you’d be going reverse cowgirl.

    12. But once bitten, there would be none of this “twice shy” crap. It’d like usual. You’d be like, “Let’s do it again, Fred! Can we do it again! I wanna do it again!”

    13. Well, we’re always learning, Sweetie. Each have their own little qwerks, ya know? I usually start nibbling on the collar and neck, then work up to the earlobe. That helps to distract you from what I’m posed to start doing with my hands.

    14. No, I’ve only been with one person and that’s my husband. So I don’t really know what it’s like to be with someone else. Been together for 6 years

    15. Well, I wouldn’t really know unless you count me “abusing” myself. I’ve never filed a complaint against myself, I can tell you that.

    16. This is probably the longest conversation I ever seen on EpicFail. Besides probably Fred and DeltaRose (or whatever the name was). 😛

  3. Fucking DISGUSTING behavious people…
    Ok so, yes your observations are spot on – she is overweight, it’s most likely her fault she’s overweight and agreed she should lose the excess but she has made a real effort here and I think her costume is pretty impressive to be fair. She would be on the better end of the scale at any fancy dress party.
    THIS is how people end up with eating and other dysmorpia related disorders, because judgemental fuckwads like you give people who are not textbook perfect celebrity doubles a bloody good ribbing about their imperfections. It’s fucking cruel and you should be ashamed of yourselves!! Look, her size aint affecting you, each to their own…she might like being bigger for all you know?
    ps I wonder how perfect looking you all are – I’d love to see photographic evidence of your own honed and toned, slim and athletic bodies and faultless facial features…
    As Lucius Annaeus Seneca says, “All cruelty springs from weakness”.

    1. 2lolo I think it’s about time you post a pic of yourself cause you’re the biggest fail on this site

    2. Mara, you said awhile back that you were going to put up a picture of your camel toe for me and you’ve not done it yet? What’s up with that?

    3. Well, hell yeah! But I’ll have to meet you in person and play with the camel toe, shape it, taste it etc. You know the routine, Mara.

    4. Kelta can probably tell you better, but you go to the link where you make a blog with wordpress. Google wordpress and look for that link. Go to that and make the basic blog. Then play with the settings, go to “My Account” and edit your “Gravatar”. There you’ll be able to upload pictures and you can pick the one you want.

    5. Well, in a few days I would have forgotten. It’s a good thing she asked now that I’ve been playing with it all day. Uh…wordpress…that is.

    6. And how many words are in your “press'” vocabulary? I’ll bet it mainly consists of one syllable vowel sounds.

    7. Oh, I have many! But those are mainly for masturbation because big words tend to cause a divert blood flow from the cock back to the brain to think about it, thus causing it to go limp… 🙁

  4. I think its cute and she’s not bad looking either. But of course everybody expects models. Smh to those who feel that way.

  5. how the fuck is this an epic fail?!?! just cause shes fat! really people omg i bet the majority of you that agree this is an epic fail don’t have a slim figure body so shut the fuck up and grow up 🙂

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