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  1. i took three years of French and this whole time I was wondering wtf was wrong with the title (aka “the sea”). Until finally I got what Epic Fail was desperately showing as “funny”.

    Epic Fail is definitely an epic fail.

  2. What does “la mer” mean in english?
    Hellow, I’m french and I don’t understand what should be funny here… Because in french there is no fail here, so there must be something with the english translation… no?
    @Gab: you’re right, it’s “the sea”.

  3. they are marketing this internationally arent they?
    do they think the rest of the world speaks French?
    plus, why are people so angry? We make fun of asian language puns all the time, for example.

    1. theres thousand products and restaurants with french names all over the damn world… duh they’re everywhere, those poor ounts with good cheese

  4. Peace guys! Julia was not angry, she just didn’t understand the joke. Do you think the whole world speaks perfectly English? A couple of angry frenchies (myself included) doesn’t mean all French people don’t have a sense of humour…

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