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  1. This WOULD be a fail, except the lyrics are correct….. The Shinedown version, not Lynyrd. FAIL that no one seems to know the words to the song

  2. If those are real muscles and not Synthol (not a given with someone who would get this tattoo), he should be able to beat the crap out of the idiot who did this, whether he misspelled this or the inflictor did.

    1. It would be ironic but fitting, though if I were to guess by the large misshapenness of the bicep and lack of definition I would say synthol.

  3. if “there’s is” is the correct lyrics to a song, then the song writer is retarded. And if that isn’t enough to convince simple readers that this is a fail, the first line, “to” is supposed to be “too”.

  4. Those are the actual lyrics! So the grammar is correct. Lynard skynard is one of my all time favorite bands, and I know the lyrics to almost every song of theirs.

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