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  1. FAIL???? All I see is a LAMP POLE, Nicky No Name used to piss (like a dog) on and FRED used to clean his ass with…….

    1. And I used to twirl carelessly on, singing showtunes. Memories.
      I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

  2. I like it. That will teach those damn paralegals to not be so lazy and take the stairs instead. Just because you’re a paramedic doesn’t mean you can just go all willy nilly down some slippidy slides. It’s rather juvenile if you ask me.

    1. Are you high today?
      If so, keep it up… There is more fail in what you just said than in most of the ‘fails’ this site is putting up…

    2. I’v had some fabulous White Widow the past couple of days… *passes you the pipe* (Remember kids; Caring is sharing)

    3. Nice to know that some people actually care. It’s hard finding caring people these days. (Hits the pipe) Whoooooah, what was I saying? Uhhhhhhhh.. hmmmmm….fuck it… I don’t care.

  3. Fail for thinking its for handicapped people…its for old grannies roller bags cus its obviously not wide enough for a wheelchair

    1. and then suckitall walked in and showed her how she got her name and they’ve been in true YOLOve ever since?

    2. Ha! Yeah. You could say that. Funny cause I’ve been watching Carnivale and just go to the part where they picked up the downtroddened other circus troops. There’s one he/she in that bunch.

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