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    1. they are a name given to japanese cars by us americans who own muscle cars. since they, and i mean “they” as a totaly racist term, eat rice all the time, their cars run on rice hince the term “rice burners”.

    2. FUCKINNG LLOOOOOLL @Badjuju you fucking retard.
      Ricer means “Race inspired cosmetic enhancements”
      nothing to do with Chinese you anal douche-bag

    3. (Ricer: from the latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt)

      A person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term “rice”) to make it (mostly make it look) faster.

      so nothing to do with japanese or chinese fuckturds…

    1. I agree, while they look ugly they serve the purpose of allowing the car to be lower to the ground. Not a real fail.

    2. @sticks the cars being that low in Japan is not a problem as most main road are flat and no bumps like in the UK and USA

    3. @Barlion This is definitely a fail. Even those guys are too embarrassed to show their faces in the car they are “showing off” LOL

    4. @someone not at all true. I’ve lived in Matsuyama, Ehime on Shikoku for 8 years and while the roads are somewhat flat, there are a TON of uneven areas, especially when turning into parking lots. Hell, MY parking lot behind my apartment building has like a 4-inch drop. Modified cars get their bumpers torn up here. I don’t know how those guys managed, though they were on the kousoku (expressway), which is the best road for them.

    1. you don’t , you drive it until the motor gives up and then you buy a new “ricer”

  1. FRED, WHERE THE FUCK YOU COME FROM??? Not from USA!!! Americans know most of the CARS are Ford Mustang.. You COMMIE COCK SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I promise you it’s bosozoku (more properly bousouzoku). They’re obnoxious as hell. Wanabe yakuza who do nothing but rev their loud-ass engines all night. HATE them.

  2. you guys don’t know shit about Bosozoku, they’re awesome and not a fail. this isn’t a fail at all, this is awesomeness

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