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    1. thats why she cries when she gets on her knees…brings back the memories of her pimps basement

    2. She should’ve took a bite of a cheeseburger instead of sucking up those three lines of coke and chasing them with the half a bottle of champagne. But, then what the hell do I know?

    1. I’m gonna have to start writing these little quips down and have them ready in the morning by the toilet while I’m contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

  1. She should have just pretended to pass out so people would overlook the fact she cannot walk in heels. Notice all the other contestants Re wearing reasonable height heels and she’s wearing like 4 inch stilettos.. heel fail.

  2. AND THE CROWD GOES WILLDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,, didnt she realize she couldnt walk in dem heels before she got out on the stage.

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