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    1. You’re a fucking retard. If you had actually paid attention, you would have realized that there’s no way in hell that that could be a rewind. All of the movements were natural, impossible to fake with a rewind no matter how good you are. The only way they could have removed most of his hair and left some of it, leaving it to look naturally balding would be to strategically rip it out, which would have made his scalp dog dick red, and possibly bleeding, and would have required more care than the quick dabs and rubbing. I’m not saying it’s not faked somehow, but this is not a rewind.

    2. 5 seconds on google shows that there’s several videos of this same product doing the same thing.

      but you know what? they’ve had shit like this in various forms for like 20 years now. if this weren’t some grainy internet vid you’d be able to easily see how fake the hair looks. hell you can already see how weird and unnaturally swirly it looks even with the grain.

      it’s not fake or magic. it’s just desperate bald dudes with spray on hair.

  1. I have this product too and it´s not good. If you go with your fingers throw the hair it´s stick on your fingers (like a clue) and ever forget lay down on your bed. Your pillow looks very dirty after this.

    1. what did you expect? its spray on. same shit happens to spray on tan too, turns your sheets and pillow orange though

  2. Lol “Dad, you’r gonna freak out.” (I translated the last words of the recorder buy :P)

    by the way that video was spanish.

  3. Produck is called Toppik, coloured fibres that stick to the little exsisting hair you have. Video is not fake, basically your making your scalp darker, that hides the bold spots.

  4. It’s just a thickening agent guys. Like the crap girls put on their eye lashes. If you touch it, it’ll likely stick to you, since it’s a powder. Nifty shit if no one is going to touch your head.

  5. hombreeeee un video en españoooool, bueno y se puede saber k es eso k las echao en la cabeza? se lo kiero echar a mi biejo

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