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    1. and 15 minutes later linx is running around being a punctuation nazi to everyone else. IRONY.

  1. i thought this was just a pic of some fat person…………and then i looked closer 🙁 and then… eewww.. 🙁

    1. … and then you got off the computer… then you went downstairs…. then you made a sandwich… then you ate it… then you went back upstairs… got on….. read this comment…wtf?

  2. Are we all sure its shit?

    Im of the opinion its menstrual bleeding which has seeped around when IT has sat down.
    If you zoom in it looks more red than brown….FUCKING GROSS!!!

  3. Oh btw, this lady could’ve used one of those “disposable undergarments” we all have seen on that granny that was posted here the other day.

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