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    1. I’ve gotta get me one of these cool costumes! I’ll bet the women just hang on ya! Besides, I’d look so cool down at the feed mill chasing and pounding rats with that hammer! I’d probably get a raise, too!

    2. The problem is that there are too many women hanging on you. Pushing them off you is tiresome. Use with caution!

    3. You’re so priviledged,2lolo. All I have is a beach towel for a cape. And it has flowers all over it.

    4. I actually used the hammer to play the ferris wheel and the love tunnel. I later learned from the police that neither of those were actual games.

    1. I’ve figured out that you’re like Suckitall. Posing as male to get attention. You and Garrett the Ferret can scissor each other.

    1. Seems legit doesn’t it. With the background and everything, I’m starting to think that this is the real Thor, and the one in the movie was obviously fake.

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