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    1. FRED, they are jumping, not trying to force a rented donkey into a three-way with two tranny hookers…

      Actually, your insult hits a little close to home.

    2. It’s ok because he knows how to protect himself from bullies with self defense.. He also knows how to reverse a knuckle sandwich.

    3. He learned how to slip out of a noogie and a titty twister too. I wouldn’t fuck with this dude ever. I wonder if he knows how to put his hand between his eyes if I try to poke them three stooges style.

  1. Wow, this is a fail. Im not sure how she can look at herself in the mirror, she should do whats right. Kill herself right now. Unless, of course, she happen to jump a few milliseconds early and was on her way down.

    1. you should write her a letter and let her know how you valiantly protected her internet honor

  2. is it me or does the one that can’t jump a female with facial hair? if it is a female with facial hair its more of a epic fail.

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