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  1. Why? Why is this even on here? What happened to our moratorium of converting idiotic comments by losers on Facebook into a JPEG and calling it a “fail”?

  2. FRED,,,,, Someday your wish will cum true…. Question??? When you do get your Vagina?? Will you stop giving “ASS 2 MOUTH”?????

    1. 2LOLO,,,,, Someday your wish will cum true…. Question??? When you do get your Hymen torn?? Will you stop watching “BIRTHING VIDEOS”????? AT 65 YOU’RE TOO OLD TO HAVE BABIES!!!!!!

  3. umm these fb comments are starting to look SET UP. seriously. i should just staple my nutt sack on a piece of paper and post that as a win!

  4. How the fuck is this a fail? Obviously you prude ass idiots have never been with a girl to know how much they can fuck you over. One day you’ll be saying the same thing.

    1. sorry buddy, not all of us pick diseased whores to date and allow ourselves to be so painfully whipped that we let them dictate our lives’ direction and/or blame all our stupid decisions on. and you really shouldn’t be trying to brag about living like that.

    2. There’s just as many shitty women as there are men. You have a good chance of being with someone who is worthless despite how good they look.

    3. yes I know. I’ve watched several of my friends put themselves through that same silly shit and it’s always confused the fuck out of me. if you can’t tell that someone is nuts within the first few weeks of dating them, you probably shouldn’t be dating. and if you’re still with them for years despite admitting that your life has become miserable, but you just don’t have the balls to dump the person and be single again, you pretty much deserve whatever you get. just don’t put yourself in a long-term relationship just for the sake of not being single. it’s that simple.

  5. Oh and this site should change its name to Cause that’s all there is on this site…ADS. Now they pop up in front of your screen.

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