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  1. First time I ever seen the Donkey Sex show in Mexico. Staring “FRED” as FRED was CUMING FRED did a Dance.. It was Amazing!!!!

  2. I think my mom must run this website because she would love the direction this site is going much more than I. This site used to be much more slapstick and cynical, but recently it seems to have gone soft. I guess they had an epiphany and figured they’d earn more poster’s karma with dance and inspirational videos to make up for their txt and facebook fails. You can tell by the dwindling comments that this site is nowhere near as popular as it used to be.

    1. They should steal more People of Walmart pics. Everybody knows Walmart is todays comedy central.

    1. The song is called Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi by Yann Tiersen, a French composer and musician. The song itself does not begin exactly like in this edit. The beginning has been left out for up until about 9-10 seconds into the song(in case you look it up and wonder why it doesn’t immediately sound the same). However, you should be aware that the original is a piano piece, while this is a mix. It could be this song was made specifically for this performance, something that could make it hard to locate. In any case, hope it helped. Good luck.

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