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    1. really? why do you care if ur first to comment? i dont care if im the 3 million and 76th person to comment on something but i dont make a mock of it

  1. I practise yoga and have been considering a period without alcohol which I do every year but the last few months have been very stressful and whilst I don’t get wasted I enjoy my wine. In short I have been failing miserably at going teetotal ( it always seems so boring. How do you non drinkers do it?). Thanks for this post as it has made me laugh and I eases if the worst happens I can always pretend it is yoga lol.

  2. I detect a very suspicious resemblance of the malasana pose (2nd from the end) to how we used to shit in camping.

    1. Aaarghh I forgot to finish that with a “yoga, my ass”. Well anyhow, fuck 2lolo and stuff.

    2. Sore all over. Your sister may be retarded but she sure has a mighty grip. With her mouth I mean. Get it? Huh? HUH?

    3. You’re telling me, bro. She’s also pretty good at getting untied, you gotta use tape. And technically she’s autistic, not retarded.

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