Father’s Day: Paying Respects Win



Submitted by T. Jennings

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  1. I understand paying respects to loved ones, but I think that posting pictures of your most intimate moments on facebook/twitter is ignorant and superficial. You obviously don’t love your dad as much as you love getting other’s attention if you do shit like this.

    1. Sorry Ximenez, what I meant to say is that you’re absolutely right. I should stop doing it. Although it’s not really hurting anybody, since I have no friends- real or virtual.

    2. That wasn’t a dog. That was my ex-wife. For fuck’s sake, don’t you ever wear your glasses?

  2. seriously? facebook? its all about this nigga and his”nothing but the best for my dad” peacocking. impressive if dad was actually around being a father. i am a pessimist because i highly doubt you dumped the shit out, but poured it in a container 1st before the empty bottle shot. damn, i just realized im angry and have dad issues. this colt 45 and old english 40’s dont seem to be working.

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